We needed a Realtor we could rely on through multiple transactions

My (now) husband and I both owned homes when we met. When we married, we knew we would be selling both and buying in a new area which meant we needed a Realtor we could rely on through multiple transactions. Donavon is personable, knowledgeable, strategic, and trustworthy. He provided excellent insight on which updates were worth it and which were not to fetch top dollar and fast sales in our particular neighborhoods. He was highly available to us throughout the process and provided resources, contacts, and guidance we needed to make things smooth along the way. I have already recommended him and his team to family and friends – a recommendation I don’t give lightly as selling/buying homes is a huge transaction. At the end of 3 such transactions in a year, not only did Donavon prove himself highly competent at every step, we even still liked him at the end 🙂 In all seriousness, I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

— Sarah